Mornings with Maddie

My day starts at 630 am when my 16 year old daughter Maddie opens up my bedroom door.  You up Ma! Once I move whatever pet has decided to enter my bed, its downstairs to make her lunch and get her started on her day.    I always take my time before I talk to her, shes always running back and forth, getting ready.  I just wait, pour myself some coffee, and remember that I have a teenage girl, this is #2 for me, and  know, that it is always best to just let them do their thing, me and mads in car all by themselves until they are ready to include you.    I let my dogs out, enjoy my coffee and try and catch a glimpse of the morning before I hear can you drive me today, my friend isn’t going in today?   We only live right behind the high school, but apparently, walking to school, is just not the “thing” to do.   Some mornings we are rushing, some more relaxed, and some we just want to go back to bed!   But this is her Junior year, my last child and soon she will have her licence and won’t need me to drive her, So we get into the car for the 5 mt drive.     I begin to realize that our 5 minute conversations over this past year have been the “highlights” of my day.  Some are just …You should have worn a coat,  Did you do your homework? , but most are funny stories we share about one of our pets,  listening to her go on and on about the Jeep she wants, or we share a Taylor Swift song and just be silly .   She makes me smile, laugh and cry all at the same time.    The things that sometime seem to be an inconvenience to us as parents, when looked at in a different perspective, can truly be some of the best memories if we let them.    So simple a morning routine can bring me happiness in the strangest of ways.   My mornings with Maddie are those Mama moments I will never forget and now that I am older and wiser as they say, I am glad that I learned to listen, reflect, and enjoy every little moment, even if it is just a 5 mt car ride to school.


Hangin with Mama




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  1. MoReenie24 says:

    I love it! Those five minute conversations are so important. Kids grow up soooooo fast and it is important to have those one-on-one moments with them! You are a great mama!


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