Lego Brick Fest Philly

One of our Mama fans recenly attended LEGO Brick Fest Live with her husband and 3 sons, ages 9, 6, and 4. , and here is what she experienced on her fun filled family day!

We walked in and saw aisles of lego creations made by people all over the US.  My kids enjoyed the train sets, a Minecraft village, and several Star Wars scenes.  I really liked seeing the Art on the Block exhibit.  There were many vendors selling minifigures, new lego sets, and even vintage lego sets which reminded me of my childhood.The first interactive thing we did was the Derby.  We built a LEGO race car and raced other participants down a track.  The kids really had fun with that and we did too.  My 6 year old’s favorite thing was the LetsGoPlay exhibit.  He worked on a team with other kids and a therapist who helped them build a battle station and figure out how to defeat the aliens.  There were many other building opportunities including the Brick Sandbox, the Floor Puzzle, Architecture, and the Neon City.  They also had a Gaming Arena and a Robotics area.  We wrapped up our day by taking pictures with some LEGO characters

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