Seven Tubs/Waterfall Adventure

This weekend I wanted to check out another waterfall. So many to see in our area and most about a 1 to 2 hour drive. So, I searched in Wilkes Barre area and found Seven Tubs and it did not disappoint. You will see an over-flow parking lot and then the main parking lot. Then you will see the map and trail to get into the park.

There is many cool little spots here, and I try not to miss any. But first things first, be sure to wear hiking shoes, its a little rocky, and slippery in some spots, so you want to be prepared, also, feel free to bring the kids, and their bathing suits, towels, and lunch. The water is clear and beautiful, and we saw tons of kids sliding down some of the rocks into the water and creeks. We found a huge rock right next to where everyone was swimming, and had lunch next to this cute fairy door that was in a tree.

The hike begins with the yellow trail markers and we decided to go to the right and go up first, along the sides of us was the first tub/stream, and the hike went along the creek , up rocks that were easy to step on , and we found an old railroad bridge, and climbed down and then up along the hill to see some old railroad tracks and more waterfalls on the other side.

The Trails go all around, and we broke off a couple of times and explored everything we could. When the trail ended, we started at the beginning again and instead of heading left, we headed straight and down along the other creeks and falls, it was beautiful, calming, shaded and we even met up with this nest of baby birds.

It was a wonderful hike and beautiful trail of waterfalls, creeks and swimming holes. The wild roses and flowers on the trail made for an extra special treat as you walked along all the rocky trails and creek beds. This is a great place to visit for a fun family day and the kids will love it too! This was a favorite hike for me! I hope you go adverturing this summer and check this place out!

A side note, not recommended for smaller kids, but we did also go to the over flow parking lot and noticed another trail, although not maintained as well, we still could get through, and heard water so we headed to an unmarked trail to the left and down along another creek bed and found a few smaller falls… Very slippery and tough terrain, but worth the beauty at the end. Also, there were port a potty’s at both entrances and dogs were also allowed. Enjoy! Seven Tubs Nature Area 900 Bear Creek Blvd Wilkes-Barre PA Closes at 8pm

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