Road Trippin Mama! Date Day

I started a list of places I wanted to go and things I wanted to do for the Spring/Summer, and trail riding on horseback was one of them.  So, even though it was a still a little cold outside, my hubby and I decided to bundle up and check it out.   I found this great family owned and operated farm in Whitehaven Pa http://Daisyfieldfarm.comDaisy Field farm.   Upon arrival and waiting for the rest of the group, we walked around enjoying the goats, chickens, dog, and many other farm animals .

Once we were ready, the owner and his grandson gave us some direction, ask we ever rode before, and explained how to handle the horse.   The horses were beautiful, so calm and friendly.   We began our trail riding, and immediately upon the trail, a group of deer came right up to the trail end to greet us, it was beautiful.  The deer followed us for a bit, and it seemed liked they were everywhere.  I never experienced them that close before and it just added to the experience.   The scenery on the trail was breathtaking, mountains and clear skies added to the joy of the ride.    We crossed over patches of wooded areas, and came along side of a creek.  The ride lasted about an hour, and all in all it was a wonderful experience.  

We wanted to check out the area, and came across a great place to have lunch.  It was an old Powerhouse Plant, turned restaurant. The Powerhouse Eatery, had  great Food and service, and just a cool place with history behind it to have lunch and learn about something in the area.   



After a wonderful lunch, we kept exploring and noticed a sign for Hickory Run State Park, we have a jeep and just couldn’t resist the dirt roads to see what we could discover.   The roads still had some snow on them, so it made for even more fun as we stumbled across a  boulder field, quite like the one at ringing rocks , but bigger.   It was magical and a place the kids would love. They offer camping here as well as hiking.     After getting lost in the trails, we ended up at a small spot at the park and went for a nice nature hike.   It was a great day and so close to home, about an hour from us.   We want to go back when the weather is warmer, as we were told that there are a few waterfalls and hiking trails to check out.  We will be back!

Stay tuned for many more date day adventures with Mama and let us know if you get a chance to check out these great places and if you found something we missed!  Have Fun!

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