About Mama

Sharon McGowan-Cowell (aka Mama) is a blogger, published children’s book author, and publisher of a local magazine in PA for moms called Mama’s Lil Guide Magazine.

After loosing a 23 year job in the mortgage industry, Sharon was determined to start a small business so she could spend more time with her 3 kids.

Mama’s Lil Guide evolved because Sharon wanted to share her passion for travel, crafting, DIY, baking, writing, animals, essential oils and everything outdoors with the world.

This magazine features all things a busy mama needs!  Mama shares tips, advice, articles and ads on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter as well as in her magazine.

Moms in business benefit from a small Facebook networking group Sharon originated. It’s a place where local small business owners can share their stories & grow their businesses together.

Her love of knowing how to throw a great birthday party and where to go for a fun day helped her grow a lil’ community magazine for moms into something so much more.

Whether it’s a fun adventure around town, finding an exciting new exciting place to visit or eat, Sharon always finds the best deals.  Her inspiring adventures help busy moms of all ages and stages!