Mid-July/August 2015 – Mama’s Lil’ Guide — Available Now!!

The Mid-July/August 2015 Issue of Mama’s Lil’ Guide is now hot off the presses!

Moms everywhere are thinking of Summer Camps!!

Featured on our cover is Camp Curiosity, learn more about them on the inside front cover.

Enjoy the ONLINE version of Mama’s Lil’ Guide or visit one of Mama’s Distributors to pick up a printed copy of your own!

We would like to thank our sponsors, advertisers and fans for helping us continue to bring you our ‘Lil Guide!


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Recipe for Strawberry Basil Jamcanning 3

5 cups crushed strawberries

5 cups sugar

1/4 cup chopped basil

1 box sure jell pectin

tbls of butter

9 jelly ball jars

You have seen others do it, you’ve seen it on social media, maybe another mom handing these cute little jars out to teachers, and thought, I can’t do that.  Well I am here to tell you that you can “CAN”.   Jelly, Jam, and even all those veggies from your garden this year, and if you think you can’t do that, stay tuned and we will show you how to do that to.   So first things first.  Go to your local grocery or craft store, most have a whole section of Ball Products, including cute stickers like the ones I attached above.   Purchase your ball jars , and some pectin.  Now, the fun begins, find your local farm and go strawberry picking, in bucks county we have a lot of places to choose from, but one of my favorite places is The Market At Del Val in Chalfont Pa.   Once washed and the green part cut off, crush your strawberries I used (5 cups crushed), add a tbls of butter and put on stove to simmer, add package of sure jell pectin, and bring to a roiling boil, stirring constantly.     Now add 5 cups of sugar, I use organic, and a 1/2 cup chopped fresh basil.   Bring to another boil, and then Boil for a full minute.. (important), .. Remove from heat!        It will look like this picture below.      Then just skim the white foam off top with a slotted spoon.     Ladle hot mixture into jelly jars, leaving about a 1/4in space , Wipe rims, add center lid and screw on bands until tight.  strawberries and basil   Place jars into canner with simmering water, making sure they are completely covered .  Bring to a boil for a full 10 minutes.  Remove jars and cool.   This is the fun part where you will hear them popping.. this means you did it right.!!

Decorate and enjoy.   Please feel free to comment here with any questions .   Here are the links if you want to order your own canning tools online.  Hit our Amazon link at top right of our website and search Ball Canning for everything you need.   Decorations for the jars can be found at any local craft store or online as well.   Have Fun canning mama and be sure to share your stories with us!


boiling strawberriessure jel

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May/Mid-July 2015 – Mama’s Lil’ Guide — Available Now!!

The May/Mid-July 2015 Issue of Mama’s Lil’ Guide is now hot off the presses!

Spring is here . . . summer is right around the corner!

Featured on our cover is The Little Gym of Doylestown, learn more about them on page 5.

We would like to thank our sponsors , advertisers and fans for helping us continue to bring you our ‘Lil Guide!

Enjoy the ONLINE version of Mama’s Lil’ Guide or visit one of Mama’s Distributors to pick up a printed copy of your own!

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Your making what with Dandelions?



dandy 3There is nothing like going outside and seeing your grass covered by these beautiful little yellow flowers.  What?  Yes , I mean Dandelions. I am usually one of the few in my neighborhood who has them every year, and refuse to treat my property  with horrible chemicals .   I love them, not just because I think they are pretty, but for their medicinal properties.   These little flowers have so many great uses, and can make some of the best tasting jelly, jams, wine, bread, cookies, tea…and the list goes on an on.    Today I decided to try dandelion bread.  I have one jar of jelly left before I restock, and need to put it to good use.    I start with a ball jar and some shears and off to the front year to cut just the tops (only the yellow part) off of 2 1/2 cups worth of the lovely petals.   Mind you, I am in the middle of my yard with a ball jar, a pair of shears and must look like a crazy lady trying to weed my garden the hard way.   But I think after 10 years, my neighbors know , I’m  a little different.   Once I have the amount I need, I put them in a colander and rinse well.  You need to make sure you get your dandelions from a good spot that has not been treated.  Then its on to the bread making. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Grease 2 bread pans and set aside.  Wet ingredients in one bowl, dry including the petals,  in the other and then combine.  Add Dry ingredients to wet and combine.    Pour in pans and bake about 30 minutes or until knife comes out clean.    Enjoy with some dandelion jelly or butter .. Its good and good for you.    Keep an eye out for Dandelion Jelly coming soon!   Enjoy Mama’s!    facebook.com/HanginwithMama


Recipe: 2 cups Dandelion petals   4 cups flour  1 tsp salt    4 tsp baking powder

2 2 /3 cups Almond Milk (or any kind of milk you like),  2 eggs, 1/2 cup oil,  3/4 cup local honey The finished product.. Yum

The finished product.. Yum


dandy 5


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Mornings with Maddie

My day starts at 630 am when my 16 year old daughter Maddie opens up my bedroom door.  You up Ma! Once I move whatever pet has decided to enter my bed, its downstairs to make her lunch and get her started on her day.    I always take my time before I talk to her, shes always running back and forth, getting ready.  I just wait, pour myself some coffee, and remember that I have a teenage girl, this is #2 for me, and  know, that it is always best to just let them do their thing, me and mads in car all by themselves until they are ready to include you.    I let my dogs out, enjoy my coffee and try and catch a glimpse of the morning before I hear can you drive me today, my friend isn’t going in today?   We only live right behind the high school, but apparently, walking to school, is just not the “thing” to do.   Some mornings we are rushing, some more relaxed, and some we just want to go back to bed!   But this is her Junior year, my last child and soon she will have her licence and won’t need me to drive her, So we get into the car for the 5 mt drive.     I begin to realize that our 5 minute conversations over this past year have been the “highlights” of my day.  Some are just …You should have worn a coat,  Did you do your homework? , but most are funny stories we share about one of our pets,  listening to her go on and on about the Jeep she wants, or we share a Taylor Swift song and just be silly .   She makes me smile, laugh and cry all at the same time.    The things that sometime seem to be an inconvenience to us as parents, when looked at in a different perspective, can truly be some of the best memories if we let them.    So simple a morning routine can bring me happiness in the strangest of ways.   My mornings with Maddie are those Mama moments I will never forget and now that I am older and wiser as they say, I am glad that I learned to listen, reflect, and enjoy every little moment, even if it is just a 5 mt car ride to school.


Hangin with Mama






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Earth Day Nature Walk , Hangin with Mama


One of my favorite things to do when the weather gets warmer is head out to our local park with my fur babies and my oldest son.   He works nights, so it’s a perfect time for us to exercise us and the dogs and get some great conversation going on our 3 mile walk around Lower Nike Park in Warrington.    Today, being Earth Day was a perfect day to reflect on the beauty of Nature and how we, should be more like it and our Dogs.  Once I got my groove going, untangling the leashes, set my ” walk for a dog tracker” , to help out our local Bella Reed Pitbull Rescue, put phone,away and place the backpack on .. I am finally ready to walk…But Toby and Hazel have something else in mind… so once again, go into my backpack get a bag for their … You know, and  lets start this walk now.   Zeus is ahead of us with my son, and the dogs are in their walking mode, sniffing everything, looking around and when they get to jump in the creek, it sends them to extreme bliss fullness and they are so in the moment .. something I forget to do at times, and am so glad they remind me to take it all in.    The woods are in transition, some dead branches, fallenearth day3 trees,  and then the beauty of the new buds and greenery through the woods.     The flowers are blooming and the smell of spring is in the air.    I watch the dogs, and my son interact with his best friend Zeus and reflect on how grateful I am to have all the things I have in my life.   I realize that this very moment, spending time with my son, and the dogs is so relaxing and brings me more joy than I can possibly explain.   I no longer exercise, because that word makes me think of something I do not like.  I now do something everyday that makes my heart beat a little faster, takes my breath away, and leaves me yearning for more.  That my friends is what I get out of my walks in Nature,  it seems to feed my soul in a way I can’t explain.   I’m connected, feel bliss, and  being with the things I love makes it that more special.   The gentle sound of the creek, the chirping of the birds and the overall beauty is enough for me to want to be in its presence more and more.   Maybe someday, I will be lucky enough to have a beautiful cottage in the woods.  I know, I sound like Snow White, now all I need is to find 7 little men to help me with housework so I can spend more time playing in the woods.  I hope you had a wonderful Earth Day and got to go out and enjoy the day like I did.     earth day 4earth day 5earth day 2earth day 1

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Hangin with Mama

Everyone may know me as Mama from Mama’s Lil Guide Magazine in Bucks County, I love helping out local businesses and moms in the area.

I would like to welcome you to my other venture, Hangin with Mama.   Follow me as I go through my mid life as a mom of older kids, John 24, Alexa 21, and Madisyn 16, wife of a great man, and Fur Mama of many in the suburbs of wonderful Bucks county.   I love to cook, bake, make homemade items, garden,  DIY projects around the house, harley rides with my honey, spending time with my kids and pets, and just love the great outdoors.      I will be 50 next year, and have decided that nothing is more important than being true to myself and what makes me happy.   I hope to inspire, make you laugh, and hopefully we can learn how to do things together.

I will be blogging as much as I can each week about what I did , made or went and hope you will find joy and experience what I do by doing the things I love to do!

Visit my facebook page facebook.com/HanginwithMama

www.mamaslilguideonline.com   facebook.com/MamasLilGuide

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Mama knows how busy you are, so we teamed up with Browns Family Shoprite of Fairless Hills and Jacki Pitkow of Tastefully Simple to bring you FREEZER MEALS.    We have a short video for you and we will be sharing on our facebook page recipes, shopping lists and everything you need to create 19 meals for your family.    But, we are taking it one step further, Share our video, post a comment, and like the posts on our pages in the next few weeks to be entered to win $115 gift card to Shopright, $60 of tastefully simple products, recipes and list so you can make your own FREEZER MEALS.

One Lucky Mama will be picked in a few weeks… and when you are finished making all your freezer meals, you can post a picture for us and tell us how easy it was.    Simply go to our website www.mamaslilguideonline.com, or our facebook page facebook.com/Mamaslilguide and watch and share our video, scroll down and share the post for ShopRight and Tastefully Simple and post that you did on both feeds.    Then, just continue to like our post about the freezer meals for the next 2 weeks to be entered to win.

The more you share, post and comment, the more you chances you have to win.   Good Luck, Mamas!

A Special Thanks to:
The Shoprite of Bensalem
2200 Bristol Road
Jacki Pitkow
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April/May 2015 – Mama’s Lil’ Guide — Available Now!!

The April/May 2015 Issue of Mama’s Lil’ Guide is now hot off the presses!

Happy Spring!

Featured on our cover is Lil Angel’s Consignment, learn more about them on page 5.

We would like to thank our sponsors , advertisers and fans for helping us continue to bring you our ‘Lil Guide!

Enjoy the ONLINE version of Mama’s Lil’ Guide or visit one of Mama’s Distributors to pick up a printed copy of your own!

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Sesame Street Live’s “Make A New Friend” is at The Liacouras Center on April 23-26

Thursday, April 23rd at 10:30AM
Friday, April 24th at 10:30AM and 7PM
Saturday, April 25th at 10:30AM, 2:00PM and 5:30PM
Sunday, April 26th at 1:00PM and 4:30PM

No matter where you’re from or where you’ve been, everyone is special – so join in! Elmo, Grover, Abby Cadabby, and their Sesame Street friends welcome Chamki, Grover’s friend from India, to Sesame Street. Together, they explore the universal fun of friendship and celebrate cultural similarities, from singing and dancing, to sharing cookies! Join the fun and make a memory with your friends and family!

Tickets are now on sale!

Sunny Seat: $85

Gold Circle: $48

Lower Level: $32

Upper Level: $18

(Prices do not include $3 facility fee)

Anyone who has celebrated their 1st birthday must have a ticket

Get the ultimate fan experience with Sunny Seats!

The Sunny Seats package features premium show seating, and a pre-show Meet & Greet photo opportunity with two Sesame Street Live friends, including Elmo! Sunny Seat orders will include a separate Meet & Greet ticket, which you’ll receive with the rest of your show tickets. Each adult & child (age 1 & up) in a group must have a Sunny Seat show ticket and Meet & Greet ticket. All Meet & Greets start one hour before show time and last 20 minutes. Latecomers may miss the opportunity. Please meet at the Sunny Seats sign in the main lobby. Don’t forget your camera!

Use discount code ABBY and save $3!  Click here to purchase tickets now.

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